Kombucha Kim

Kombucha Kim

Kim S.
Hometown: Cary, NC
Education: BS Chemical Engineering (2009) North Carolina State University
Profession: Engineering Recruiter
Sports: Hybrid. 
Latest Event: NC Super Total (1st Place – 88lb Snatch, 123 Clean & Jerk, 175 Squat, 88 Strict Press, 340 Deadlift)
Other Events: Superfit Games (Crossfit Coach & Athlete), Ultimate Frisbee Club,  Powerlifting, Arm Wrestling
Favorite Mocu products: Kombucha
Athletic Accomplishments/Certifications:

  • 100% RAW Federation; 1st Place Trophies in Full Power, Push/Pull, & Deadlift and the NC State Record for Deadlift
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified since 2012 - Currently Coaching at Morrisville Community CrossFit in Morrisville, NC
  • 2x Ultimate Frisbee Regional Competitor / Beach Ultimate Nationals Competitor
  • Training in Krav Maga (with 4.5 years of experience as a Fitness Coach at Krav Maga Raleigh)
  • Champion at The Borough's Arm Wrestling Competition for Charity

Current Lift PRs:

  • 345 Deadlift
  • 205 Squat
  • 165 Bench Press
  • 135 Push Press
  • 100 Strict Press

“I have always loved being in gym environments but when I graduated from college, my eyes were opened to how quickly your health can deteriorate if you don’t pay attention to it. To prevent this from happening, I began playing Ultimate Frisbee and taking Fitness classes at a martial arts studio in the area because they gave me the opportunity to stay in shape and meet like-minded people. Five years ago I was asked to join the staff of the martial arts studio I was training at as a Fitness Coach and have been training others there, part-time, ever since. In 2012 I was exposed to CrossFit and found a lot of similarities in how their workouts were written to how I run my classes. I really liked both the intensity aspect of the program and the incorporation of Olympic Lifting into each workout. In 2013 I received my CrossFit Level 1 Certification and have been coaching CrossFit, part time as well, ever since. l could not have accomplished as much as I have without healthy eating habits. I love sharing my passion for fitness and healthy living with others and am trying to reach as many people as I possibly can!!”

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