Your Body’s Champion

Kombucha, that superdrink that you’ve glimpsed at work, the gym, from across the aisle at the grocery store. But who is this masked hero? Kombucha is a blend of black tea that is fermented to promote the growth of good bacteria and yeast cultures. Ewww, but bacteria is gross! Fear not. Bacteria in your belly means probiotics that work to help you feel better, longer. And we’re not talking about just a handful of probiotics. We are talking about a 10 billion probiotic army protecting your insides. But what exactly does it do for me? Kombucha has a laundry list of benefits for your body:

•Promotes digestive health

•Strengthens immune system

•Detoxifies the body

•Eases joint pain

•Boosts energy

•Increases metabolism

Sounds pretty good, right? Skip the overpriced glass bottle on the grocery shelf, grab a packet of Mocu’s powdered kombucha and just add water. It not only tastes great but full of good probiotics, it’s your body’s champion wherever you may adventure. Ok, I’m in.