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    Sometimes we find the most strength in our darkest hour. This was the case for founder and CEO, Toby Reed, who was moved to change his unhealthy lifestyle when he tragically lost his mother, father, and brother in the course of 3 short years (In our Mocu logo, the 3 grey spaces represent Toby's mother, father and brother.) The most surprising of those losses was his brother, Joe, who passed away at the age of 31 due to his obesity. He was extremely addicted to soda and fast food.

    Toby had seen enough. Searching for healthy answers, Toby found adding a blend of Chia seeds to water filled him, but also gave great nutrition he’d been lacking at a low calorie count. He was able to lose 100 pounds and transformed his life inside out. Toby and his wife, Leah, passionately started MOCU to inspire others.

    Let MOCU Move You 

    With that in mind, we created these drink mixes to be easy, healthier, tasty, affordable options versus other unhealthy snacks and sodas.

    From a personal story of tragedy to triumph comes MOCU’s transformation foundation. We hope to inspire you. Our mixes are designed to deliver powerful nutrition and taste. They’re affordable and easy to use wherever you go. Drive your own change with a decision, MOCU, and a glass of water. Watch your life transform!