Brand Ambassadors

Join a Team of Movers and Shakers

Help us give others the Oomph to make an impact in their lives by joining our Mocu Motivators Team and earn a little extra money for yourself!
We are looking for people that want to help us spread the word  by:
  • Social Media-Using your social media following to actively promote our products
  • Youtube Channel-Use our ingredients in your recipes
  • Trainers-Promoting the products to your clients and customers
  • Placing banner ads promoting the products on your website
  • Nutritionists/Dietitians-Tell your clients about the benefits of our products
  • Hand out samples to your friends with your custom coupon code to earn commission.
  • Charities-Tell your supporters about MOCU and earn large commissions for your charity.

In return for your promotion MOCU will provide the below perks

  • Commissions-Earn 40% commission on each sale without the use of any other promotion
  • Friends/Family/Customers Coupon Code-Save them money plus you earn a 10% commission
  • Motivator Support-We can contribute to sporting events that they participate in like entry fees for marathons, races, or walks
  • Free Goods-Once new products are introduced, our team is the first to try them

What's great about MOCU is that we offer a wide range of products from our unique drink mixes to bulk ingredients. We are adding new items constantly so there is always something different to talk about.

To sign up, click the below link and start earning!