Sure, chia is trendy today, but these mighty seeds actually have much deeper roots than your local natural foods store. In the valleys of modern day Mexico, Aztec warriors used chia for nutrition to sustain them all day during war. Today tribes in Mexico use chia to fuel them on their 100 mile runs. Loaded with healthy fats, antioxidants, protein, electrolytes and fiber, chia seeds gave the Aztecs that extra OOMPH. Today we continue their tradition by adding them to our Mocu drink mixes. 

Our chia drink mixes:
• have Probiotics in every drink  
• have Whole Food Vitamins that provide 50% DV of many nutrients 
• are Satisfying (they make the perfect low calorie snack, pre-workout drink, or meal replacer)
• provide an Energy boost
• have NO added sugar
• are Great Tasting, Affordable and Portable

Plus, chia seeds are fun to drink. Stir up a packet of Mocu’s chia drink mix and watch the chia absorb the liquid. Feel the energy of the Aztecs, just add water.