How do I use the drink mix?

Add 1 packet to 10 to 12 ounces of water and mix.

How long do I need to wait until I can take a drink?

It’s personal preference. The products can be consumed immediately. With the chia drink mixes, the longer you wait, the more hydrated the seeds will become.

When is a good time to drink a mix?

Anytime! They make great snacks to help give you a boost at any time of the day. The chia drinks are especially filling.

How long do the mixes stay good?

In the package, they have a 2 year shelf life. Once mixed with water, the kombucha should be consumed within 24 hours. The chia drinks should be consumed within 7 days.

Are your products good for kids?

Yes, our products are good for kids. They are a fun way to give them needed vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Our kombucha drink mixes don’t have any alcohol content (as most bottled versions have). But we tend to avoid giving our kids the Blackberry Hibiscus Green Tea Boost and Maca Goji Mojo since they’re energy boosters (and our kids have enough as it is).

Where do you source your chia from?

We work with small farms in Mexico where chia originated. We go to great lengths to test the quality of our seeds as well.

Where do you manufacture your products?

They are 100% made in the USA (in Denver, Colorado).

What does MOCU mean?

It is derived from the Aztec Nahuatl word, Mocuepa, meaning “to change” or “to transform”.

When was your company founded?


Where is your company based?

Denver, Colorado. (Go Broncos!)